More reviews from the Google first page for “replica watches”. This is a new website showing off on this very important page but adding no actual value to it. Let’s see what is all about. breitling replica watches review breitling watches review

Design & Usability

It is a pretty good clone of and the domain name is also inspired from the same website. Design is similar but they did add some different design elements that make the two websites look apart. They also cloned all the usability so the website is browsing through nicely and has no dead leads. Omega is not spelled with the capital O. fake watches review watches review

Brands & Range

Being a cloned website they carry all the brands and models of the website they copied. However they have less numbers when it comes to the models range and I think that’s because this is an older clone of the actual website.

Watches Quality

As I said before, cloned website watches quality is nothing like the photos they show. There are always low quality fake watches hiding behind good photos. These guys also copied the descriptions so everything looks at it’s place if you have never seen the original website. Their photos still bare the watermark of the old domain so this explains this one being an older clone. This being said I would not want to experience their watches quality on my own money. Look at these two Rolex Daytona fake watches to see how well cloned this website is. First photo is from the clone and the second from the original website. Rolex Daytona replica watch review Rolex Daytona watch review  Rolex Daytona replica watch review Rolex Daytona watch review


I’m still amazed how such dangerous websites still make it in the top Google searches for such important keywords. In this way they get a lot of exposure and the chances of a people getting scammed increase a lot. I hope you’re gonna do a little research before you go off and buy from guys like these because otherwise you’ll end up throwing money out the window and I really cannot blame you because this scheme is really well done. Be safe.