I used a more targeted choice of keywords for today’s fake watches website review and went for “Omega replica watches” to see what specifics bring new to the table. Found some old, some new and some horrible still using the same old photos of the original watches websites that I just did not want to get into again although I will have to do it soon since they’re using new domain names and people need a refreshed heads up. It’s just the way it is, I bet people still get burned on those websites out of lack of knowledge and attention.

Stopped over luxwatchsale.net this time because I found it more interesting then the others so let’s get into its review and see what they have to offer.

luxwatchsale.net Breitling replica watches Rolex fake watches review

luxwatchsale.net Breitling replica watches Rolex watches review

Design & Usability

Design is simple and stylish. Using only black and white, some shades of gray and a nice ornamental pattern on the header they made this look really sleek. I like this minimalistic but professional design, it looks good. Usability is well implemented and makes browsing through the website smooth and pleasant. No chances of getting lost here, no extra tabs, no other stuff to get you confused so overall it’s a well done website with a good attention to details.

luxwatchsale.net omega fake watches review

luxwatchsale.net omega watches review

Brands & Range

They have EVERYTHING. Yes, it’s been a while since I found that on a new website but this is the place. This website has a huge brand collection of which I’m sure you should find most of your favorites. Not sure if all brands are worth cloning or buying as a replica but they have quite a few. Model’s range is also consistent so overall you’re looking at a really big collection of watches here and plenty to browse through for a few hours.

Watches Quality

They carry Asia automatic movements, Japanese Quartz (battery), and Valjoux 7750 which is priced from the 300’s to over $700 which to me is a little too wild. Good photos of their own showing all angles and movements and so on. Descriptions are almost good enough as they’re entirely missing case dimensions which is always an important detail.

Prices are fair for the cheaper Asia movements watches and the Japanese Quartz movements until they hit $200. From that point on they are seriously overpriced. Getting in deeper I noticed that all watches here have an average quality at most. All photos tell the same story in detail.

These fake watches just don’t arise above an average quality and I’m not at peace with that. I expected to see more here and even the $700+ pieces don’t “sparkle and shine” of top quality as they should. It’s there for everyone to see. Got this Rolex Day-Date replica watch and this Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean fake watch screenshot for you to have a better feel of what I’m talking about.

luxwatchsale.net Rolex Day-Date replica watch review

luxwatchsale.net Rolex Day-Date watch review

luxwatchsale.net Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean replica watch review

luxwatchsale.net Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch review


I’m split between pros and cons here. Some watches would be worth the try and some will definitely not. Also not a huge fan of the Asia movements as you already know but still I consider them a good first step into the replica watches world. On the long run it does not look like you’d get the best quality for the price here but for the sake of learning and establishing a comparison method of your own you’d better start here than a lot of other places.