I’m really pleased with this great replica watch video review of a very good looking Rolex GMT Master II replica. Crisp looking watch with all the right dial details and very well cloned.

Rolex GMT Master II replica watch

Rolex GMT Master II watch

Being a GMT replica it’s pretty easy to have all the details in place but still the quality is always a concern. This one is really well done and the stainless steel is good quality. I really like the bezel. This watch is obviously in the shadow of the bezel meaning that the bezel is done so well in my opinion that it pretty much dictates whether you’d walk around with a fake Rolex as a genuine piece or not and let me tell you that you can take this baby our for a spin as the real deal. The bezel and the dial will do just that for you.

The whole watch looks better than most of GMT’s I’ve seen on the internet and in real life. It’s just different quality, better finishing touches, details and so on. Overall case and bracelet size is just about right and the weight feels right as well. I’d have to stare at it for some good time and get a really close look to figure it out as a fake watch. It’s not the ultimate 1 on 1 replica watch don’t get me wrong but it’s one of the best GMT replicas I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen quite a few.

I’d recommend this GMT Master II replica even more that a lot of Submariner replica watches which are so popular and everyone wants them, simply because it’s a little different and it looks better if you’d ask me. Enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts on the watch.