I usually get only good reviews and thanks for recommending good websites my way but this time I got an e-mail telling a different replica watches story.

Paul, a reader of mine sent me two photos of a Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 36 RS Caliper Automatic Chronograph replica watch that he bought from awatchmall.com and the whole story on it how the watch arrived in poor condition and how he cannot get in contact with them and how he’s stuck with this useless piece of junk.

Bad Tag Heuer Replica Watch

Bad Tag Heuer Watch

Here’s Paul’s story:

“Hi James i sent you pics of my tag replica bought from awatchmall.com a website that i thought is safe. I ordered this from them and this is what i got. A piece of crap watch that has no crown on the left and is missing a lot of the screws in the back… tried to contact them but nothing works, no response to my e-mails, it’s like there’s no one there but the website is still on…

i wish i found your blog earlier and ask for your expetise but now i know who to trust. Please help if you know anyone that has the same problem or what do you think I can to to get my money back? best regards, Paul”

I looked at the website Paul and all of their contact links go nowhere. If they also don’t respond to your e-mails than you’re better off forgetting about the whole thing and move on. It happened to me before and I know how frustrating this is. Just make sure that next time you find a fake watch that you like, look close at all the website details and e-mail me so I can take a look too, just to be on the safe side.

Bad Tag Heuer Replica Watch Backside

Bad Tag Heuer Watch Backside