The Panerai Luminor Marina is an exceptional simple design stylish watch. Being a Panerai Luminor sub-brand it shares all the main brand characteristics like the vintage classic looks, domed crystal, simple design dial, 9 o’clock small seconds hand, 3 o’clock date on the contemporary replica watches collection and no date on the historic ones and crown closed by the Panerai trade mark lock.

Genuine Panerai Luminor Marina Historic Watches
Panerai Luminor Marina Historic collection original not replica

These are the models from the historic Panerai Luminor Marina collection. Take a good look at these photos and don’t buy from websites that advertise with those exact ones.

Also look at the contemporary Panerai Luminor Marina collection and keep those photos in mind or always use them as reference for the exact same reason as mentioned above.

Original Panerai Luminor Marina Watches
Panerai Luminor Marina contemporary collection genuine not replica

Price is starting for these babies at around 5.5k so there are a lot of details to be taken into account before actually getting to the point of spending in excess of 5k on a watch out of a regular way of life and especially in these time. Being such a simple model and yet a pretty popular and wanted, the Panerai Luminor Marina will come with quite some variations in the replica watches world. You have to keep a good eye out for details, materials and most important mechanisms that run inside your desired fake watch. Do not fall for the websites that advertise through the exact photos shown above as from my own rough experience I can tell you that these kind of websites always deliver poor quality watches and that is when they actually deliver something to your doorstep. Also don’t go buying cheap ones because you’ll end up throwing them away in a very short time. A good quality Luminor Marina replica should be around $200 because they should have a good quality automatic mechanism either self-winding or manually winded. Going too low on the price will not bring you satisfaction I can tell you that since I’ve been through that kind of feeling one to many times now. Make sure that you look at all the dial and case details as sometimes they can be not so accurately cloned. Also be careful at the Swiss replica watches as a lot of websites can be very deceiving when advertising cheap mechanisms as Swiss.

Here are a few good examples of what you should be looking at when in the market for a replica Panerai Luminor Marina. Do not settle for less and always make sure you have all the important and right details at your fingertips otherwise you’ll not get the right quality for your money.

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