The Omega Speedmaster is a well established model among the replica watches with a good number of fans I’d have to say. And why not? It’s a very nice model with a good looks and a very nice sports watch feel.

The most replicated Speedmasters are the Omega Seamaster Proffesional replica – with all its variations, the Omega Co-Axial Chronometer Speedmaster replica and the Omega Day-Date Speedmaster replica.

You’ll find a good quality fake Omega Speedmaster at somewhere around $160 to $180 with a good self winding automatic mechanism that is reliable and precise. You’ll have to take a good look at the quality of the materials it’s made out of because that will be your first indicator of how long you will be able to enjoy it. Don’t go buying Omega Seamaster replicas that are under $100 or over $200 because in the first case you’ll get a poor quality watch and you won’t like it and in the second case you’ll get a good quality watch on which you paid too much so that’s not a good deal either. Here are some good replicas that I found around the web so take them as guidelines to your next Omega Speedmaster replica that you’ll be proud of.