The Omega Seamaster Vs the Omega Speedmaster seems to be the ultimate Omega battle for popularity. In the Omega replica watches world I’m finding it pretty hard to point out a detached winner because out of the feedback I get from you guys through comments and inquiries and by the popularity of my articles regarding both models it’s been kind of a tie so far. I could not agree more on this since both models have a good presence among the Omega fake watches. Still, to be completely honest with you I do feel that the Omega Speedmaster replica watches are just slightly more popular then the Omega Seamaster replica watches. This situation can be very easily and quickly changed through just a little bit more of an interest on the Seamaster model. Anyways, feeling that there’s quite a tight split of interest on these replica Omega models I decided to give the replica Seamaster model an overall review so you guys can take a quick look into some of the bits and pieces here. This is an Omega Seamaster Chronograph screenshot that I grabbed from the Omega official website.
Omega Seamaster ChronographOverall the Omega Seamaster model alone has 28 different let’s just call them sub-models of different case sizes, designs, materials, bracelets and so on including the women collection. Some of these sub-models have as much as 28 different pieces and some have just one or two but still overall the Seamaster collection is quite impressive and hard to keep up with all the small details that differ from one model to another. This is good news for the us regular people that can afford only the fake watches at this point because we can pass them easier for originals as long as they’re good quality. You will still find a lot of websites advertising through photos of the originals so keep an eye out for it because that’s the first scam sign. Here are a few photos I grabbed from the Omega original website as well of some of the most popular models under the Seamaster umbrella.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600 MOmega Seamaster Co-Axial Planet Ocean 600MOmega Seamaster Co-Axial Planet Ocean 600M ChronographOmega Seamaster Diver 300M

As you can see even thought the designs are different the names are very much the same so make sure you know the exact name and looks of the watch you’re after otherwise it’ll get quite confusing. Not all models of the original Omega Seamaster watches are well represented in the fake Omega section but you will find probably your most desired available. As always make sure to compare them with the originals from the official Omega website and take a good look at all the details. Automatic movements are preferred but I’d always choose a Japanese Quartz over an Asian automatic because the lifespan is longer and usually the overall quality of the watch is better. Here are some visual guidelines of what’s out there so keep them in mind when you’re hunting for your best Omega Seamaster replica watch.

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